Margo Puhachenko

My mission

this is the promotion of the idea – to live in harmony with nature and support folk art



The issue of survival as such for our planet is very acute. We, in the sense of humanity, have ruined and changed our home beyond recognition in some 200 years of progress. And this happened because of the idea of apocentrism, that man is the pinnacle of evolution and everything is possible for him.

Good ideas have grown into an insatiable thirst for consumption, the race for excess has led to littering the planet on the one hand and the depreciation of the craft on the other. Custom-made low-quality goods are excluded or excluded from the craft and are understood as the value of such. I started thinking about all this 20 years ago, but the correct understanding of the problem came not so long ago. And no one can close their eyes to the problem of global warming.

Therefore, I see for myself the only right way – it reduces the consumption of natural resources and preserves / teaches environmentally friendly crafts – embroidery, knitting and weaving. As well as popularization of art-therapeutic interests and their use in recycling processes to create both household items and clothing.


My world

As a child, my grandmother taught me to knit, sew and embroider. I resisted, but already in the first pregnancy for my beloved daughter, I knitted and embroidered a lot of things. This craving for beauty has existed in people for so long that we can see it in all forms of art. It is folk art that is the most truthful, because a person creates from the need for a beautiful source. Not for sale, not for the adventures of elitism, but out of love. In folk art, we find sacred meanings, and we forget to one or another community, and much more, but we proceed from its origins – from love.

All types of art originated precisely from folk art, but then they were separated and artificially identified with high art and craft.

For me, folk art has become a way of renewing my wounded soul, and through it I plunged into the incredible world of magic and beauty. When in your hands a fabric is born from an ordinary thread, and then a functional product of your size and what colors and structure you want. Isn’t this a miracle?


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